By Nurul Syahirah - January 03, 2017

Assalammualaikum wbt,

Sini Nurul nak share dengan korang macam mana nak beli sandal. Girls2 semua kan suka shopping kan. Haaaa ~ Meh baca tips ni sampai habis :D

I believe you may have realised it that sandals do come in a great variety of sizes, shapes and even colours. They are a few types of sandals styles from casual to formal in order to fit with the occasions and situations. Some are made just for a fun use at the beach while others are made from more quality materials with sturdy designs which will be more suitable for a rough pyhsical activity like hiking. Regardless of what you are using them for, you need to find sandals with the right fit to protect your feet.

Dengan begitu banyak pilihan yang boleh didapati, membeli kasut sandal yang selesa mungkin adalah tugas yang agak sukar pada mulanya. Apa yang penting ialah untuk memudahkan pembelian anda, pelajari beberapa TIPS MEMBELI SANDALS WANITA untuk dapatkan sepasang sandal yang selesa bersama kualiti yang terbaik. 

1. Support is the first thing you need to check and make sure you have in the sandals you are getting.

2. Then look for the sole as it should be a little bigger than your foot and should be fairly thick to protect your foot from anything that you walk on and also to absorb the blow of the footsteps.

3. Invest on a pair and get sandals from trusted brands so they can last longer !

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Jeng jeng jeng. Tips yang sangat menarik bukan? Dibawa khas daripada ZALORA tau. Untung korang dapat tips daripada ZALORA.

Haaa ! Jangan tengok je. Try la usha "sandals" dekat sana. Cantik2 beb ! Pencinta sandals memang tempat anda di sana. Hehehe ^^

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